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The FORSYS Partner initiative aims at an accelerated distribution of systems biology knowhow in the scientific community by establishing a tight link between established FORSYS centres and decentralized partner projects overall Germany. A further focus lies in the transfer of research and development results into industrial applications.

The major objective of FORSYS is the development of interdisciplinary and work-sharing systems biology research units at German universities, non-profit research institutions, and industrial companies working in the field of systems biology. Since the FORSYS activities are restricted to the four FORSYS centers and their neighboring non-profit research institutions, the BMBF reinforced its support of German systems biology by establishing the FORSYS Partner initiative in 2007/8. The FORSYS Partner initiative is designed to complement FORSYS in highly required and recommended areas and scientific topics. This is achieved by integrating knowhow and technologies from outside into the research activities of the FORSYS centers. Besides the participation of research groups from German universities and non-profit research institutions, FORSYS Partner explicitly requested participation of industrial partners.

As a result of the FORSYS Partner call, the BMBF started funding of 10 FORSYS Partner Cooperation Projects and 12 FORSYS Young Investigator’s groups at different locations in Germany on January 1st, 2008. Funding of the projects lasts for 3 and 5 years for partner projects and young investigator groups, respectively with a total amount of funding of € 35 millions.

Through its extensive funding of young investigator groups FORSYS Partner strongly supports young scientists to start a career in the field of systems biology and to conduct their own systems biology research. The FORSYS partner groups contribute to a rapid dissemination of systems biology knowhow from the already established FORSYS centers, while in turn the FORSYS centers strongly benefit from the complementary knowhow and technologies contributed by the partner groups.




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